When Finally She Said Yes

I love travelling, I love visiting different places, I love living in different hotels, I love using their soaps (sometimes I love bringing them home too), I love using different pillows, and above all, I loved the new beds, I used to lie down on.

I used to say this to her always. I used to say this to her, every time she asked me to marry her. How could I spend my entire life, with just one bed, one pillow, one room and with just one girl? I’m not that stud type but yes, I have dated like 15 girls and finally, I rested on one. Actually, my heart rested on her.

So, Yes, I really love her. But the thing is that my dreams are big, so big that I can’t accompany her with me. I decided to say all this to her but when I did, the response was really an unexpected one. She smiled and kissed me. She just said, “I love you and my love is not subjected to any kind of prioritization so even if my love for you lands at the bottom of your list, I’ll still not stop loving you. Go fulfill your dreams.

And finally she winked at me and I knew that I had lost her forever. Her words were so hurting yet loving. Her kiss had broken me to tears, yet it was wanted more and more because she was so different than those other 15. That day I learnt that travelling is good, but running back home to someone who loves you, is much better.

That day I learnt that visiting places is nice but visiting the same old places with her could be wonderful. I knew at that moment that using different pillows, different beds, using nice soaps, toothbrushes was wonderful, but I would still want to use the same dirty brush with somewhat broken bristles, I will still need the same old bed of mine, I’ll still want the same pillow and I’ll still need that wonderful person  in my life no matter how big or small my dreams are.

I’m getting married to her, and yes you’re invited.

Yes, you, the one who’s reading this.

P.S I hate latecomers be Punctual.


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