33 Cute Long Text Messages For Your Boyfriend

Truly said we find love right where we are. Love brings about the quest to be with someone. Love can hunt you down from every corner of the world. It needs to be expressed, to be felt, to be counted on.

Read on these cute long texts messages which can make your boyfriend feel extremely special


33 Cute Long Text Messages For Your Boyfriend

Here are some cute long text messages that you can send to your Boyfriend.

1. I was sitting on the garden bench and  the breeze was blowing my hair. I was reading a book but my thoughts had you, my hair was swaying due to the gentle breeze but it seemed as if there were your fingers between them, I was watching a couple sitting on the other side of the lake but I was imagining you and me.

2. I want to spend every single second of my life with you, I want to be there always with you and be a part of all your problems, I want to watch you sleep every night, I want you to wake up in my arms every morning, I want to spend those last seconds of my life, wrapped in your arms, I want to die to be near you.

3. We met to hold each others’ hand, we met to love each other unconditionally for each others’ flaws, we met because we knew how to pick each other piece by piece when we break, we met because we both were imperfect and when we come together it just makes everything so perfect.

4. I planned to love you till my last breath but then I realized that someday my heart will stop beating, my breath will cease and therefore I decided to love you till the sun dies, because no matter how long I live, the sun will remain to live.

5. Every moment seizes when I see you, every second becomes endless when I am with you, why is that, the time becomes so beautiful with you, why even the wait is so wonderful. It seems that you are made for me and we are meant to be together.

6. We fight, we spend days without talking to each other, we spend hours without talking to each other, yet my eyes are laid on yours, yet my heart skips a beat when I see you, yet my tears scroll down my cheeks when you go without talking to me. My heart has surrendered in front of yours. Please take it and never let it break.

7. Life is beautiful if I have you in the middle of it, life laughs if it has you in it to always bring a smile on my face, life lights up if it has you to light up my eyes every time I feel low, life is a beautiful garden if it has you to blossom up all flowers and life will a miracle if I’ll have you always in it.

8. The night has gone and dawn has brought with itself a beautiful morning and there will be much more to come. Every time you leave the midnight laughs and me with a sigh lie down on my bed. Every midnight I try to ask myself that what is there between you and me that has flipped my world upside down, that has made u so irresistible.

9. You may find hundreds of people out there, you might find thousands of girls who will love you, you might find love in every corner but you will never find unconditional love like mine, you will never find a girl who will need you like me.

10. The moment I died is the moment I saw you saying goodbye and the moment I relived again is the moment when I saw you again.

11. Every time we meet, it is as if somebody inside me is completed and every time we depart, it is something inside me which breaks.

12. Love is needed for us to grow, love is needed for us to live, love is needed for us to die together, and love is needed for us to meet every time we depart.

13. The distance tore us apart and love will unite us again. This distance seems endless.

14. These beautiful winds, their gentle flow, their aroma, this ambiance, all have just one thing and that is my unconditional love for you.

15. Can anything be as wonderful as this love, can anything be so beautiful than this wait for you, can anything in this universe depart me from you, can anything in the world resemble the bond we share, and can anything be the answer for all my questions. And if the answer is nowhere to be found, I will find the answers within you.

16. You are sweet as sugar, cold as snow, in this desolation, it is just you lifts me up every time I fall.

17. The red roses which you gave me last night are still in the vase, they have dried up but they still make me ponder over those memories again and again.

18. These walls which we painted together, these curtains with which we play, this bed which has witnessed our late night talks, this music which has seen our moves, this sofa which has heard our laughter, all of it is just a part of you and it makes me love you even more with each passing second.

19. If one day I meet god somewhere, I will have just one wish to make. I will ask for you in every life.

20. We share jackets, we share shirts, we share bed sheets, we share pillows, and now that we have learned how to share love, we have found that it just one heart that beats for both us.

21. When I see you staring at me, I can think of nothing else but you, when I see you playing with my hair I can think of nothing else but your irresistible fingertips. My love for you is unconditional and nobody can replace you.

22. When I close my eyes, I see a hazy image, I still have a blurred vision, I still have a beautiful morning to come, I still have beautiful days waiting for me, which I’ll spend with you. My vision has you, that hazy image is yours because I have you and you have all of me.

23. When I see the sun, I can feel you in the sun rays, when I see the moon, I can see you in its shine, when this wind blows, I can feel your touch in the breeze, when I see stars, I can imagine the light in your eyes, when I see the clear sky, I can listen to your thoughts, when I see my eyes, I can hunt you down from any corner of the world.

24. Every time we touch, I always have this kind of blush on my cheeks, every time we kiss, I feel that kiss for a million seconds, every time we dance, I can imagine we both dancing under the moonlight for many more years to come and every time we are together, I can imagine million of seconds more in your arms.

25. There was a time when I wanted to be yours, there was a time when I wanted you to be mine, there was a time when I wished I could watch you all night but now I wish for none of those things because I have got all of you.

26. Would it be possible for us to be together forever and ever like this, would it be possible for me to read your thoughts, would it be possible for us to keep this love alive in our hearts for many more years to come. I may act like a screwed up mess but please don’t leave me ever.

27. These little things which I have seen, these little dimples on your cheeks when you smile, these wrinkles near your eyes, these pearl-like tears which fall from your eyes, when you pronounce those cute words in sleep, and your imperfect way of wanting me, these little things have made me fall for you even more.

28. One day our love will not be as strong as it is today. It may not be worth fighting for, but please fight to keep it alive because somewhere down the lane, you will find me fighting for it too.

29. I may fall while dancing so please pick me up, I may fall while playing with our kids so please pick me up, I may fall while working in the kitchen so please pick me up, and I may fall for you one day, not that I haven’t, I already have. But I may fall for you even more. At that moment, don’t ever pick me up because I would love to fall for you.

30. How can we not laugh seeing each other, how can I not fall for you every single second, how can I not get lost in your deep eyes, how can I not find you in every corner of the world because the more I try to go away from you, closer I get to you.

31. I find you in photographs, I try to search you in every memory, I try to look for you in every room, I try to talk to you even when you are not near me. I try to look for you in every piece of song.

32. When we cuddle, when we laugh, when we smile at each other, we when listen to our favorite songs, when we hug, there is a part of me which is completed.

33. I saw dreams in which we were together, I saw dreams in which u were wrapped around my arms, I saw dreams in which I was holding you when you were feeling low, but now those dreams are no more dreams. Those dreams are the reality.


Since the stars are infinite, the galaxies are numerous, so love infinitely. One day you will be able to count them.

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Till then keep falling in love.


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