55 Cute & Romantic Good Night Text Messages for your Girlfriend

We all need that one chance to express our love. We all need that one chance one moment with the one we love which we cherish throughout our lives. We all need that one feeling which makes us feel out of this world. Make your girlfriend feel extremely beautiful before she goes to sleep with these cute good night messages.

Read on these cute good night text messages for your girlfriend to make her special before she goes to sleep

Good Night Text Messages for your Girlfriend

Here are some romantic good night text messages for your girlfriend

1. If I ever get a chance to make a single wish, I would choose to die in your arms. Would you give me this chance tonight?

2, Every night I want you by my side, holding my hands tight and I would watch you sleep.

3. I want to run my fingers through your hair and play with me. I want to run my fingers along your back and feel you like nobody else has. I want to make you mine, forever and ever so that nobody else could do that. I want to do all this tonight.

4. This is the most special time of the day when it is just you me together. This night has just you in it.

5. The moon would also not want to compete with you because you are so beautiful that your light is enough to light up my life.

6. There is a slight twinkle in your eyes which kills me every time I see you. That twinkle resembles the twinkling stars in the night sky.

7. It is your smile for which I can get you anything. No matter how unreachable it is. I could make you laugh all night and make you sleep in my arms.

8. Your fingertips are so soft, your eyes are so pure, and your words are so lovable, so how can I not want you in my life. Goodnight.

9. I have always dreamt of being with you, I have always felt your love at night, and I have always felt your presence when you are not around.

10. If you ever fall, you may not find a lot of people near you, but you will find my hand reaching for you even in the greatest of the depths, even in the dark nights.

11. When I lay my eyes on you, I want that moment to freeze, because that will be the prettiest sight ever. Sweet dreams, goodnight.

12. Your hair falls so perfectly over your shoulders, your face looks so beautiful without any makeup and your eyes are so filled with unconditional love which you have for me. How can I not want you tonight?

13. I want to love you till the sun stops rising again the next day.

14. I want to hold you tight in my arms and kiss you and never let you go.

15. You are the sweetest drug in my life which keeps me from dying. Tonight my drug is missing.

16. Whenever I hold your hand, I feel a circle of trust around me and trust me, I’ll never let it break.

17. Although you are not here, but I can see you in front of me combing your hair, I can see you in front of me asking me whether you look good or not, and trust me, you look so beautiful.

18. You define love for me, you define beauty for me and you are that soul who I love irrevocably. Sweet dreams.

19. I want to hold your hand and pull you in my arms. That will be the best moment of my life. I want that tonight.

20. I promise to love you with all your flaws and with all your demands, forever and ever.

21. It is dawn now and till now my mind and my heart are discussing you.

22. Even in the gentle breeze that is flowing tonight, I can feel your touch in it.

23. There is something in your smile which captures every part of me within you. I will spend my night thinking about that smile.

24. I want to spend each and every single second of my life with you because when I am with you, I feel so complete.

25. I wanted to be there with you at night so that I can watch you sleep beside me.

26. Every night I see you in my dream and I look into your deep eyes, I look t your pink lips, I look at your soft hair and I thank god for giving me you.

27. There is something which I miss at night, and that is your endless sweet talks.

28. The color of the sky is so dark; it could probably never understand the deep secrets that your eyes are holding.

29. You might not be missing me but somebody out here needs you so badly, you might not be thinking about me, but someone out here remembers you every second.

30. I experience real heaven with you when you happen to cross my way again and again. I will have to wait for my heaven till the sun rises.

31. I may not know everything about you, but as long as you love me, I will know the deepest of your secrets.

32. I want to accept you with all your flaws, I want to play with your hair, I want to touch your fingers with mine, I want to dance with you and be in your arms forever. Sugar dreams.

33. Since the day I have met you, I have died so many times, I have drowned so many times in your eyes, but now I have learnt how to tread instead of drowning in them.

34. We may not talk every single second but my heart is forever with you. Good night.

35. Whenever I feel negativity surrounding me, I see you pulling me from there into your arms.

36. This night without you seems so endless. I wish you would have been here and I would have slept while hugging you.

37. I am just waiting for the morning to come so that I can see that twinkle in your eyes.

38. We may wait for that perfect moment, but for me, every moment is perfect when I have your hand entwined with mine. Good night.

39. My house is empty but I can still feel you around me, I can imagine you sleeping by my side and watching me.

40. My hands still feel the touch of your hands, my cheeks still relive that moment when you kissed me and I will keep on revisiting those moments until I see you again.

41. People die but what lives is their love. I will also die one day, but what will remain alive in my heart is you. Sugar dreams.

42. I have so many pictures of you, and every picture of yours make me fall in love with you even more. I will spend these night hours looking at your pictures.

43. You may ask me that why do I love you so much, but I will never be able to answer that.

44. Things seem to be immortal but there is one thing above all of them. It is my love for you.

45. I spend this long night in the hope of being with you again in the morning.

46. These twelve insomniac hours which I have in my hand, they seem to prolong so long. I am missing you so much.

47. Just like sunshine lights up the whole world, your eyes light up my whole world which I have created with you in the middle.

48. A gentle breeze is blowing and making me think about you even more.

49. Even though you have slept, but I will not be able to sleep throughout the night, because my thoughts, my brain, my heart, everything has you in it.

50. Goodbye seems to be so tough, especially when I have to say it to you.

51. Distances might tear us apart, but my love for you will stay alive and will tie you to me, just like night ties dawn with itself.

52. Just like the bliss, you light up my life, and now when you are not here, there is darkness all around.

53. I will never leave you alone no matter what happens, but promise me that you will always hold my hand and never let it go.

54. We share the most beautiful memories and we will share this night, though being far from each other.

55. Every message of mine is a reflection of how my heart is feeling during this night.

You have no idea how happy your girlfriend will be when she gets a cute text written by you before she goes to sleep. You may not be there with her but you will be that person whom she would want to see before she closes her eyes. She may not feel your presence but you will be the one she would want to hug and sleep. You can make your girlfriend happy before she goes to sleep at night with these cute good night text messages.

If you think you can make your girlfriend feel special with these cute good night text messages, then please let us know via your comments.

Till then keep falling in love.


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