33 Cute & Romantic Good Night Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

Who says addiction Is a bad, it just isn’t when my soul Is addicted to yours, it just isn’t when my body is addicted to the touch of yours, it just isn’t when my lips are addicted to the feel of yours, it just isn’t when my eyes are addicted to seeing you in my arms. So make your boyfriend feel that you are addicted to him by sending him these romantic good night text messages.

Cute & Romantic Good Night Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

Here are some cute good night text messages for your boyfriend

1. The day goes in a usual way like all other days but the night is so desolate that I keep cuddling with my pillow to feel your presence around me. Miss you, goodnight, sugar dreams.

2. Life is turning upside down, people are getting busier, things are getting more and more complicated, turmoil in my mind is deepening but my heart is getting tangled to yours with every passing night. Goodnight

3. You are not  here but I can hear your voice crossing my ears, I can see your eyelashes flirting with my eyes, I can see you mingled in my thoughts, I can feel your fingers gently moving through my back, I can see your lips spoiling my lipstick, I can see your eyes spoiling my mascara, and I can see you right here beside me putting forward your hand under my head and bringing me closer to you with the other. Goodnight

4. When the wind blows, it brings with itself your memories, when the rain drops fall over my cheeks, it brings with itself the flashes of that scene when we danced together in the last rain, when the gentle breeze blows, it brings with itself that moment when you tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear, and now when the moonlight peeps through my window, it’s bringing with itself a night full of me just missing you. Goodnight

5. Why can’t we just stay together like we do during the day, why can’t the time just freeze when I am in your arms, why can’t the day just go the way it is, why can’t those insomniac hours turn into those sweet hours when we both just cuddle, why can’t we just walk with each other holding each other’s hand, this is all that I’ll dream about tonight. Goodnight

6. The day has come to an end and so has my wait for you. You are far but you seem so close that I could hold you close to me and never let go. This night has brought an end to my loneliness, to my longingness for you because you are right here beside me. Sugar dreams. Goodnight.

7. With this beautiful end of the day, soon this lonely night will also come to an end when I’ll be yours and you will be mine. Goodnight

8. It has been 23 hours, 56 minutes, 33 seconds since I have been lying on this bed and going over those flashes of your presence, again and again. This is why I want you to be here tonight because without you I am incomplete. Goodnight.

9. Can somebody else want you so desperately, can somebody else love the same way, can somebody else treat you the way I do, can somebody hold you close and say everything is okay like I do? Nobody can, and nobody will. I miss you tonight. Goodnight, sugar dreams.

10. Just like eyelashes protect eyes, just like lips stay together, just like smile accompanies lips, just like tears fall from eyes but never let them break, just like kiss revives cheeks, that is what stays with us and will always do. Love you. Goodnight, sugar dreams.

11. Life is felt only when it’s tough, importance is felt only in absence, a smile is valued only in the flood of tears, kisses are felt when cheeks are dry, hugs are missed when pillows surround me, and you are missed the most at night because the day belongs to you and your presence. Goodnight, sugar dreams

12. Till the moon meets night, till the sun brings day, till evening meets dusk, till night meets dawn, that long I will stay with you. Goodnight, sugar dreams

13. My hair still feels your fingers running down through them, my eyes still remember your looks, my hand could still tough yours, my eyeballs move across the room in search of you. I wish you would have been here and that moment could freeze.

14. My writings make you immortal, my feelings for you make you alive, my heart beat keeps you strong, then why is it that tonight, I am getting so weak. Please hold me, today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. Goodnight

15. Pages tell the story of the book, moon recites the history of night, sun highlights the power of the day, the same way, my feelings are a reflection of what you mean to me. Goodnight

16. This distance makes us more close to each other, this wait makes us value our love, even more, this night will bring a smile to our faces which could set everything right in future. In this hope, I’m letting you close your eyes and I’m closing mine. Let us meet in the dreams and make love like never before.

17. Every song I listen to this night makes me think about you, every piece of lyrics recites my story, rather I should say ours, then why is this prolonging between us. I miss you like never before. Goodnight.

18. There is just one thing which is irresistible, and that is you, it is your kiss, it is our touch, it is that feeling inside me for you. It’s a part of me which dies when you say goodbye. It almost flips my world up and down, please don’t say goodbye, and please don’t leave ever because when you go, a part of me abandons me. Goodnight.

19. That little twinkle in your eyes, that little dimple on your cheek, that look of yours which you give while flirting with me, that hug you give me while biding goodbye, kills me, and today, all of this is missing. I miss you. Goodnight.

20. You’re the drug that keeps me from dying, you kept me alive during the day but right now, my drug is missing and it is making a part of me missing it terribly. I miss you. Goodnight.

21. Every morning I get up with the hope of seeing you and every night I close my eyes with the hope of sleeping with you the next day. Goodnight

22. Every time we fight, I try to ask myself that should I see someone else but somehow I am not able to answer that, every time we are apart, I ask myself should I maintain my distances, but I just don’t have the answer. It’s because I am bound to your soul. I miss you. Goodnight.

23. How can love be immortal? No, it isn’t, because there is one more thing which is immortal. It is my longingness for you, it is my immense wait for you, it is your memories entangled with mine and it is our eternal love which I will cherish all through my life.

24. The opening and closing sounds of the door echoes in my ears, it makes me drown into nostalgia. I constantly think of the day time when we hide behind the doors and after finding each other, we just end up tickling. These sounds are making me miss you even more. I miss you. Goodnight.

25. I am reading the letters, you gave me, over and over again, I am going over those memories which we create during the day, and I am dying to create the night memories together. I miss you, goodnight

26. Life seems wonderful in your arms, and life seems incomplete when you are not around. What is this that is pulling me towards you, what is this that is making me long for you even more? Only you can answer this question and this can be answered when I have you near me.

27. Life goes on, and so this night will prolong like all others, but today I am missing you like never before. Goodnight

28. In between the wrinkles of my bed sheet, I try to find you, in between the pillows I have on my bed, I try to search you, within those twinkling stars, I search your smile. When I find between those wrinkles, between those stars, that is when my quest will be over. Goodnight

29. Like this blissful day, I wish the night could also go, just like the wind takes away with itself the weather. I miss you tonight. Goodnight

30. Take away my time with you, take away my heart with you, take away my soul with yours, this night, I want to be completely yours. Goodnight

31. The moonlight drowns me to nostalgia. Although it has been just a few hours, since you left for your home, but as the night prevails, I already start missing you. Goodnight.

32. This wind is gently blowing my hair, this breeze is moving me towards you and I hope it stops when I am in your arms. Goodnight

33. Can we dream together, can we sleep together, can we be together, can we be soul mates, can we be best friends, can we be partners for life, can we be each others’ life, can we be together tonight? P.S I love you Goodnight

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Till then keep falling in love.

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