55 Cute & Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

I used to think that love hunts you down from any corner of the world, but actually, love will never hunt you down, you need to find that one love which is made for you, and when you find that one love, you need to hold on it. To hold your love with you,  you need to make your girlfriend really special.

Read on these cute good morning text messages for your girlfriend to make her feel your presence.

Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

Here are some romantic good morning text messages for your girlfriend

1. I want you to be the first person I see when I open my eyes in the morning because my eyes don’t wish to see anybody else. Good morning.

2. Every morning I just make one wish and that is to wake up, wrapped in your arms.

3. When I wake up in the morning, I look at my pillow beside me and I think, that one day you will be there waking up with me. Good morning.

4. Every morning is beautiful for me because I hope of spending the rest of day with you.

5. No matter for how long we don’t see other but your one look in the morning will give me enough strength to spend the rest of the day with you. Good morning.

6. Just for once in the morning, I want to hear your pure and innocent words so that I can love you even more. Good morning.

7. World is beautiful if it has you in the middle of it, talks are endless if I have you to talk to and by morning will be special if I have you to share it with. Good morning.

8. The gentle breeze in the morning sways across my hair and I feel that your fingers are running through my hair and waking me up.

9. Every morning I want to kiss your cheeks and wake you up. Good morning.

10. When I see the sun in the morning, I can feel you in its shine. Just like what the sun is for the earth, you are just like the sun for me.

11. In this beautiful morning, there are the flowers, there is the bright sunshine, there is the blooming dawn but what’s missing is you near me.

12. When we miss somebody, we miss their talks, we miss their expressions and that is how I miss you this morning.

13. I want my every morning to be spent with you, with me looking into your deep eyes and getting lost in them.

14. This morning may not be perfect, but I know one thing for sure that I am in love with you even more with the night.

15. The night was desolate, but I would just die in your arms for the rest of the mornings which are yet to come.

16. You might wish to see someone else, but I just want you to be right there beside me when I open my eyes.

17. I promise to fulfill all your dreams, I promise to bring you all fancies of the world, but if one day I couldn’t bring them, would you still love me like you do now? Good morning.

18. I just woke up because I realized that reality is beautiful than the dream because it has you now.

19. The promise of love will never go, deep in there I will love you like I do, always. Good morning.

20. Why does my heart beat so fast every morning? I now understand that every dream of mine has you which make my heart joyful.

21. I may not be able to kiss you every morning, but somewhere deep in my heart, I would be hugging you really close to me and never let go. Good morning.

22. There may be a morning when I may not look good, there may be morning when I would not be able to kiss you like I do now, but tell me, baby, would you still take me into your loving arms?

23. We may not make a perfect life together, but we will make an extraordinary love story. Good morning.

24. I want you to kiss me under the light of these beautiful stars and I want to open my eyes, lying in your lap, under the bright sun. Good morning.

25. I want to live this life with you, I want to die gracefully with you, I want to feel each and everything related to you and I want to make you mine in every way possible. Good morning.

26. You will look beautiful to me even when you will be in a mess once you wake up in the morning. Good morning.

27. This morning I want to ask you a question which I may have asked for more than hundred times. Will you please give me the honor of giving the rest of the mornings of your life? Good morning.

28. I wish you would have been here with me to wake me up this morning. Good morning.

29. You make me feel every night like there will be no morning and every morning you love me like there will be no day further.

30. I would always hold you when you would be feeling low, I would always please you, I would always need you and I will always long for you. Good morning.

31. I will remember you as a beautiful bliss in the morning which wakes me up. Good morning.

32. Life may bring with itself beautiful surprises, but every morning, it will be just you, who would bring the sunshine to my life. Good morning.

33. You are my shining stars at night and you are the blissful morning. Good morning.

34. Why should I praise the sun and the sunshine when you are the light of my life? Good morning

35. Why should I ask the morning to bring a hope to my life? I have you as the biggest hope in my life.

36. Every song reminds me of you, every morning breeze makes me miss you even more. Good morning..

37. I promise to share all your sorrows, I promise to give you my joys, if you leave me, I may not want to see the next morning.

38. You may not know, but I have a feeling of you constantly being with me, even when you are not with me. Good morning.

39. There is just one thing I want to do before I die. I want to love you unconditionally and irrevocably. Good morning.

40. This morning, I want to dance with you like there will be no tomorrow, I want to love you endlessly. Good morning.

41. I am going smile and tell the whole world that I have you, which I am never going to let go. Good morning.

42. One day if I get drunk, I want to wake up in your arms with you looking into my eyes. Good morning.

43. Please don’t rely on my heart to beat in, because it will stop when I will look at you. Good morning.

44. Will your hands still remember my touch; will your eyes still smile when I’ll look at you? I want to see you doing this every morning. Good morning.

45. My hands don’t play the strings the same way in the morning because they are still remembering your touch. Good morning.

46. I expected you to open the curtains of my room, but when I woke up, I couldn’t see you there and I planned to engage my heart with your memories. Good morning.

47. I will pick you up every time you fall because I think I love you better now. With every morning I think I long for your sight.

48. My plans end at you, my wishes end at you, my blessings end with you and my love starts from you. Good morning.

49. I will not ask for any fancies, I will not ask for more wishes, all I ask for now is you. Good morning.

50. The sweet song of the birds in the morning is the love song which makes me miss you, even more, every morning.

51. My luck stays with me as long as you are with me. You are my moonlight and you are my bright sunshine. Good morning.

52. I want to see that blush on your cheeks when I kiss you in the morning. Good morning.

53. Your eyes have the spark in them and I can see your love for me in them. Good morning.

54. I want to love you like there is no morning, I want to kiss you like this is our last moment together and this morning I want to hug you so tight like it is the last morning together. Good morning.

55. For people, the universe may be large, but for me, you are my world and my universe in which I want to stay forever and ever. Good morning.

If you miss her at dawn, let her know in the morning. If you miss her at dusk, let her know at night. But if you miss her throughout, let her know this with your loving words. Let your words let her know how unconditional love you have for her. You can make your girlfriend happy with these cute good morning text messages. 

If you think that these cute text messages can bring a smile on her face in the morning, then please share your thoughts with us via comments.

Till then keep falling in love.


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