33 Cute Good Morning Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

Every morning can be special if you that one text message from somebody who loves you. It is always said that the strongest drug for a human is another human being. So be that drug for your boyfriend.

Read on these cute good morning text messages for your boyfriend and make his morning beautiful.

Cute Good Morning Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

Here are some cute good morning text messages for your boyfriend

1. You will read this once you wake up and at that moment you will smile and probably think of me. Because right now I am thinking of you. I am thinking of those beautiful moments we will share during the day once we meet. Good morning.

2. I haven’t slept a single second because I was just waiting for this time could come so that I can write this beautiful message to you. I want you to know that I feel myself really lucky to be your girl and I always want that honor. Good morning

3. I dream of that morning when I’ll be waking next to you and you will be the first person whose face I’ll see the moment I wake up. That would we a beautiful morning and I want each and every day of my life to start that way.

4. The moment I wake up in the morning there is just one wish I make which is to spend the rest of the day with you, to spend the rest of my life with you. Good morning

5. These bed sheets are lying beside me without any wrinkles, this pillow which is under my arm is constantly reminding me of your presence but there are just a few more hours to go when I’ll no longer need that pillow when these bed sheets will have wrinkles. Good morning.

6. Our love is immortal. It is so strong that not even the best of thieves can steal you away from me. And even if they do, they’ll know that you belong to someone else. Good morning

7. Is it possible for someone to die while missing someone? Well, if the answer is a yes, I died a million times last night because I was missing you so much. Good morning.

8. Last night I saw a dream in which I saw you. Whenever I closed my eyes, I could see flashes of you, whenever I opened my eyes, I could see you standing at the corner of my bed and smiling, but above all, all of that was just a dream. I woke up and the first thing I wanted to do was tell you about it. Good morning

9. I smile to myself while I lay on my bed, I constantly watch the fan moving and my brain thinks about you, my eyeballs keep a watch on the time and the moment the clock strikes 6, I message you. Good morning.

10. All throughout the night I kept waiting for this time to come, when I’ll ask my love to wake up. I am not there to push the curtains and let the sun wake you up, I am not there to run my fingers through your hair to wake you up, but my message is there to say good morning.

11. The first time I do once I wake up is not brushing, it is so not praying to god, it is not even watching myself in the mirror but it is looking at your photograph and making me believe that you are all mine. Good morning.

12. I was waiting for the night to meet dawn so that I could write this to you and let you know that I love you and there is a part of my heart that is tied to you. Good morning.

13. I had never seen a skilled thief but when I saw you I realized that no other thief can be more skilled than you because thieves steal money, you stole my heart for the rest of my life. Good morning.

14. Last night I slept hugging your photographs, and now the time has come when I’ll sleep hugging you. Good morning.

15. When I sleep, I close my eyes with the wish of seeing you once I wake up, when I wake up, I open my eyes with the wish of spending the whole night with you. That wish will come true when you open your eyes. Time to get up love. Good morning.

16. How can I not miss you when we have created wonderful and beautiful memories together, how can I not miss you when you are the only person I see whenever I close my eyes. But now it’s time for you to wake up. Good morning.

17. Once I open my eyes in the morning, the first thing I do is not brushing, the first thing I do is not even looking myself in the mirror but it is looking at your photograph and making believe that that you are all mine. Good morning.

18. Every night I call you up to tell you that I miss you, every morning I call you up to tell you that I miss you even more but the biggest difference is that the night is desolate but the day has you in it. Good morning.

19. Every second of the night passes like years, every minute passes like decades, every hour passes like centuries and after this night I feel I have grown old with you. Good morning.

20. Time scrolls like a web page but its contents still contain you and they always will have you. Good morning.

21. Every night I ask you to stay with me but I know that is not possible. But every morning we create thousands of memories which give me the strength to spend the night without you and this is one such morning. Good morning love.

22. Every morning when I see myself in the mirror, I don’t see myself I see a heart taken by you, I see a mind occupied by your thoughts, I see cheeks kissed by you, I see eyes having your image and this is another morning like several others. Good morning.

23. One day when we both will live together, when we both will share the same bed, when we both will share a single pillow, when we both will sleep in each others’ arms, that day you will realize how have I spent these nights and how badly I wanted you every morning. Good morning.

24. Morning love. Another morning has come when you rule my thoughts, another morning has reached your heart and knocking it constantly to check up, how it is, another morning is making your eyelashes flicker, and finally another morning has reached your hand and it is asking you to hold mine and never let go.

25. I don’t know how to handle my heart, because it just doesn’t listen to me. It has surrendered in front of you long back. I don’t know how to get you out of my head because I want you to fall into my arms instead. So this morning, baby please fulfill my wishes. Good morning.

26. You have the most beautiful heart my eyes have ever laid eyes on, you have the most eyes, my heart has ever fallen in love with, you have the most wonderful voice my ears have ever listened to, and you are the first person I ever think of when I wake up. Good morning.

27. Your smile is beautiful and it lights up my little world which has you in the middle. Good morning.

28. I won’t forgive you for all your mistakes, I want to love you for every weakness of yours, I want to hold your hand in all your problems and be a part of them, I want to the one and only reason for your smile, every night and every morning. Good morning.

29. When I touch my hair, I get the feel of your touch, when I touch my jacket, I get the smell of your perfume, when I wear the same shoes, I get reminded of that move of your when you were stepping on my shoes to irritate me, when I wear the same t-shirt, I get reminded of how lovely that hug was, and when I apply the same lipstick, I get reminded of the last time we kissed and you had that little smile on your face. Good morning.

30. When we crossed that road and I was just holding your finger, I still remember how you constantly looked at me and smiled at my expressions, I still remember how you watch me constantly and I ask you what happened, at that moment you have nothing to say, and we both smile. Each and every day is spent like that and every morning I think about the day. Good morning.

31. We have spent so many many and many moments together we which we cherish throughout our lives. I want to spent each and every day with you and create many more memories together which we will talk about with our grandchildren. Good morning.

32. We talked about many things during the day and during the night although I don’t have you, but I have your memories of the day to cherish upon. I go through the same moments over and over again so that I can spend the night. Finally this stops when dawn awakens me. Good morning.

33. Time flies with wings, especially when it is occupied by a long wait for you. But finally that wait ends and morning sets in and I message you. Good morning love.

Some words are just said and they leave a mark on the heart for the entire life. Your boyfriend will feel extremely special by reading any of these cute good morning messages.

If you liked any of these good morning text messages for your boyfriend then share your thoughts with us through comments.

Till then keep falling in love.


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