And Everything disappeared into Cold Silence

He was still there, at 2 am , when probably she was wrapped around someone else’s arms, checking whether he had got a message from her or not. There wasn’t. He had spotted her online so many times and everytime he saw that online written…there was a tear drop that would fall on the screen and made his vision blur. There were hundreds of people around him…but his eyes rested on none..there were thousands of pretty girls around him..but neither their looks nor their hotness was what he was looking for..there were millions of voices telling him to move on…but he could not listen to them. There were soo many beautiful faces asking him out..but he couldn’t say yes.. there was a voice making him realize that if she has found somebody else…so could he…but deep in there he knew…she would come back..and now when he still has his phone in his hand with her chat open..he can still see her online…he still sees that tear making his vision blur..he still cries for her at 2 am…but today he has to sleep early cause he has a wedding to attend tomorrow…a wedding which will tell him … that she moved on from him, long long back…because he has her wedding to attend tomorrow. weren’t anything to her..she moved over you the very next can you my can you..



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