55 Cute Texts & the Sweetest Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

We all need that one person in our lives who loves us irrevocably and unconditionally. We may love many people in our lives but we will always need that person beside us. To fall for somebody is very easy but to make that person fall for you too is way more difficult. To make that person fall in love with you read on these cute texts & the sweetest things to say to your Boyfriend


Cute Texts & the Sweetest Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Here are some cute things to text or say to your boyfriend

1. I have never said it often, but if I get a chance, I’ll make you realize that I’ll go to anyway just to make sure you are okay.

2. You may think to see someone else but nobody else will love you the way I do.

3. Maybe you don’t know but I can do anything just to make sure that you are okay.

4. Time seems to seize when I am with you yet it goes endlessly,

5. Things seem to be tough but they will be easy as long as I am with you.

6. Every night I close my eyes with the hope of seeing you the next morning.

7. I wonder if we fall in love the second time because I fall in love with you every time I lay my eyes on you.

8. Every morning I wake up with a dream of waking up in your arms.

9. Can these winds ever talk? If they could, they will always have our stories to tell.

10. Every night I put my head on the pillow and I try hard to fall asleep because my thoughts are entangled with your heart.

11. We are miles away but yet this distance seems to strengthen our love even more.

12. Every morning, I wake up with the hope of spending a beautiful and noteworthy day with you.

13. We may fight over things, we may spend many hours without talking with each other, but deep in my heart, there will be a space which will be yours.

14. Love finds its way no matter how many miles separate us.

15. We can only care for that one person, we can only fall in love for once but I fall in love every time I lay my eyes on you.

16. The moon sprinkles its shine everywhere. The stars always accompany it in spreading its light. The same way I will light up your world every single second.

17. They may be many obstacles in between our ways. But we will find love if we have it alive in our hearts.

18. Some may say addiction is bad, but my love for you is even beyond that addiction.

19. Every time I see those beautiful flowers kept on the table, my heart is filled with the love I have for you.

20. Every time you will look into my eyes, you will see yourself in them.

21. The first day when I saw you I fell for you and I decided that I will never fall again. Since then there has not been a single moment when I have not experienced a fall.

22. The colors around me are numerous but I wish to see only one color. It is the color which united us; it is the color which spreads the feeling of love.

23. Can I ever love anybody else? I keep asking this to myself and every time my heart answers to this that you will fall in love with this person again and again.

24. People say love is short-lived, but I believe that it is our lives that are too short to express love for somebody. Love is immortal.

25. To love selflessly is what you have taught me. Even if, ever in life, you do not find the same amount of love for me, I will have that love for both of us.

26. When both of us will grow old and we will be waiting for our end, at that time our love will make us alive again.

27. People say, destiny doesn’t work how we want it to work. But once in love, things do work how we want them to work.

28. I was searching my heart but then I realized that it is kept in a place which is safer. It is bound with your heart, inside you.

29. I kept asking myself that why I love you so much. My heart always replied,” once in love always in love.”

30. It is people, who drift apart. Love always holds on.

31. We had our souls connected. Probably that is why I cannot see anybody else in the world.

32. People break up by saying that their feelings have died. Feelings never died, it was love in their heart which couldn’t stay there for long.

33. We can always lie to each other but somewhere, something inside me will always know the truth.

34. Every time I see my see my fingertips I can your fingers touching mine.

35. In these cold winds, I can feel your arms wrapping around me although you are not near me.

36. Can your love ever betray you? It never will if it is a feeling coming from the bottom of the heart.

37. Love is one of the deepest secrets that are hidden within us. We need to un-hold it from the depths of our hearts.

38. How can I go without expressing my love for you? You will find yourself in everything I do.

39. Every time we hug, there is a part of me which remains attached to you.

40. My mind, thoughts and my heart have surrendered in front of you.

41. I may be watching a dream in which we both are together. If that is true then please don’t wake me up because it is beautiful here.

42. This love I have for you is not just infatuation, but it is a strong feeling which took birth inside me, the moment I saw you.

43. If we begin to love selflessly, that is when the world will appear as a better place to live.

44. Love doesn’t need to be hidden. It needs to be expressed, to be counted on.

45. We had faults, we will have them in future too, but these faults will never tear us apart. It will teach us to accept each other as who we are.

46. We may not spend all time together but something will tie me to you forever and ever.

47. There will be this one day when you and I will not be together but your heart will be safe with me forever and ever.

48. We may fight, we may get mad at each other, but at the end of the day, I will still be yours.

49. The night without you may seem endless but I will open my eyes in your arms.

50. We may not see each other every single second but your face will always flicker in front of my eyes.

51. My love for you is increasing with each passing second and will increase with each day.

52. Every night I think about you, I want you more and more.

53. We might think we don’t have it between us anymore, but there will be something in our hearts which will keep us together.

54. This ambiance constantly reminds me of you and makes me feel you around me.

55. Every time my doorbell rings I think that you are around but I then I think you are always near me, I don’t need to find you anywhere.


Every single word of love can be infinitely special for the person you love. These are some of the most sweetest things you can say to your boyfriend. If you think that these cute texts can bring a smile on his face, then please share your thoughts with us via comments.

Till then keep falling in love.


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