101 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1. There was always a beautiful dream associated with you, a dream of you being mine, a dream of me being yours. It was a dream until you held my hand and made me hit reality.

2. I may be far away from you, but remember that I will be just one call away from you, I may be unreachable to you, but remember that I will always within your heart.

3. Will god be fair if he sends someone else to you, will god be fair if you didn’t love me the same way, would god be fair if I keep waiting for you, throughout my life?

4. How is it possible for a person to look so beautiful even in the simplest of the outfits? Well, it is possible for you.

5. I always use to dream of a person like you, and now when I have you, I always tend to pinch my hand to confirm the presence of reality.

6. Every time it rains, others may get wet, but I feel you in it.

7. If I walk two steps ahead of you, you will always find me waiting for you, to see if you are coming or not.

8. Some may call this infatuation, some may call it love at first sight, but my heart knows, it is my heart which is falling for yours with each passing second.

9. A time may come, when your looks won’t work like they use to, but I will still love your innocence in your eyes, I will still love your touch and I will still love that heart which is kept entangled with mine.

10. If my hair turn grey, if my hands don’t play the strings the same way, if my sense of humor fades away, would you still take me into your arms?

11. Others may question our love, they may not understand it, but I will know that your silence still loves me.

12. I may not have enough money to give you fancies of life, but one thing will never be less. That will be my true love for you.

13. When the stars shine in the sky, I look at them and spend those windy hours under the open sky, but with each star, I count my love for you.

14. We may fight, we may stand on the urge of a breakup, but it will never have me leaving you because no matter what happens, I just can’t do that.

15. If your journey to your destination has a river, I’ll be the bridge. If your way has ups and downs, I’ll be the ladder and once you reach your destination, and then please look back. You will find me standing and feeling proud of you.

16. I may fade away from your thoughts, I may fade away from your memory, but I will be that deep dent on your heart which will always remind you of me.

17. I fall so hard for you, every time I see you, that I have planned not to get up this time.

18. If someday you are not able to find me anywhere, and then peep inside your heart, you will find me there.

19. I may not able to be able to explain my feelings for you, I may make you sad, I may hurt you, but that will all be because of my love and care for you.

20. Will you ever look at the stars and remember me, just like I do?

21. Will you love me the same way, just like I do or maybe more than that?

22. I can keep you happy, I can keep tears away from your eyes, I can give your lips a beautiful gift, a smile, I can keep you always safe. Would you do the honor of giving yourself to me?

23. I may have many faults, I may not be the perfect person, but you are the reason to start all over again.

24. I may put you through pain and may not dissolve those tears, but when I realize it, I’ll leave no page unturned of our story.

25. This was always meant to be like this, with you and me together.

26. You are the sky full of stars for me, which I see every day.

27. I see you in the dark and I get my way just like sun guides each one of us.

28. Together we look so perfect just like eyes look perfect with eyelashes

29. We will create sweet little memories together which we will revisit in our future.

30. Is it fair for someone to be as beautiful as you are?

31. Will it ever be possible for me to love someone else, will it ever be possible for me to fall for somebody else, and will it be possible for me to not love you unconditionally?

32. No matter how long I take to count the stars, every night and every star will remind me of you.

33. No matter how far we are from each other, there will be always a special bond tying us together.

34. I never knew what love was, but when I met you, I realized what it is.

35. When the wind blows, the breeze brings with itself you and your memories.

36. I wait for dawn when it’s night, I wait for dusk when it’s noon, I wait for you when you are gone.

37. When something goes wrong, I never have the fear, because I know I have you to correct me.

38. Will you hunt me down from any corner of the world if you miss me?

39. Can we be soul mates for life, can we be partners till death, and can we spend our old age together?

40. Who said love can just be felt. Love is a wonderful feeling which you gave to me.

41. Your chats, your pictures, all are saved in my heart with multiple backups.

42. You are as fresh as rose and your kiss refreshes me like spring replenishes the flowers.

43. If you are around me, I don’t have to worry about anything because you will always fix things up in my life.

44. My words may be a lie, my attitude may be not be so convincing, but my love for you is the truth which cannot be altered.

45. People may call me crazy, people may call me mad, but the truth is that falling for you was never planned.

46. You may leave me and go but when you will turn back, you will still find the best of me for you.

47. If you are the sun, I am the bright sunshine and if I am the dark night, you are the moon which sprinkles its beautiful light.

48. If I meet god somewhere, I will ask him about the good deeds that I have done, because without them, I wouldn’t be able to afford you.

49. I don’t need any drug to save me because you are the only drug that keeps me from dying.

50. I may not be the best person for you, but nobody can love you the way I do.

51. Whatever I feel for you may be unusual to you, but falling for you will be my prettiest memory ever.

52. I can spend hours watching you sleep because you look so beautiful and pure.

53. You are mine. That itself is a beautiful feeling.

54. I am so addicted to you that every thought of mine is ruled by you.

55. Every time it rains, I feel you in the rain drops.

56. We may be opposite to each other, we may not find it easy to accept each other, but there will be a point when we will define each other.

57. There is a constant battle between my heart and my brain because my brain needs your thoughts and my heart needs your love.

58. We share each and everything with each other and that makes me feel so better.

59. I witness heaven every day, when you take me in your arms.

60. Your mischievous eyes drown me so deep that I find it so hard to save myself.

61. Why can’t time just freeze when I am with you, because I feel so complete with you.

62. You may feel special with someone else, but this feeling makes me feel like heaven.

63. You can close your eyes and count on me for the rest of your life.

64. You can trust me and put your heart in my hands, because I’ll keep it safe always.

65. We may not be able to fix all our problems, but they will make our bond even stronger.

66. You may question my love, but I’ll have all the answers to prove it.

67. I want to wake up in your arms every morning.

68. I want to spend each and every second of my life in your arms.

69. I want to die lied in your arms and I want you to be the last person I see before I close my eyes forever.

70. I want to see you every single second because you are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on.

71. If I am falling for you, then please don’t lift me up because that’s my dream come true.

72. You are the prettiest dream I have ever seen.

73. When they asked me how my life was going, I answered them that you were doing great.

74. I maybe your life, but you are my lifeline which defines me.

75. You may not cry with me but every tear of yours will be wiped by my fingers.

76. Your fingertips are so irresistible, your talks are so convincing, your lips are so lovable and you are so addictive.

77. Tonight I want to make you mine and I want to be yours.

78. How can we love somebody so much that every second I see your face flashing in front of my eyes?

79. I want to hold your hand for my entire life and never let it go.

80. We may die someday, but we will be remembered as one.

81. I want to have infinite dates with you and revisit them with you again and again.

82. I want to give you a flower, but rose will never match to your beauty.

83. I want to wake up seeing your face and kissing you.

84. Every time you cry, you will find me hugging you tight and crying with you.

85. It is always good time with you which makes me feel so happy.

86. I may go without talking to you, but at the end of the day I will reach you.

87. I want to dance with you when it rains; I want to feel you each and every second.

88. I keep thinking of you whenever you are not around.

89. I want to call you up every single second and tell you how much I love you.

90. I want to hug you so tight and bring you so close to me.

91. We may not stay together but my memories will always make you feel my presence.

92. You are like a shade in the light, you are like a gentle breeze in heat and you are my love, forever and ever.

93. I just don’t miss your presence, but I miss your smile and your love even more.

94. I may get angry, I may get upset but in the end I will still love you like nobody else.

95. You are my lover, but before that you are my best friend.

96. God did one of the most beautiful things. He made heaven for me on earth itself.

97. Why should I even look at somebody else when I have the paradise itself with me?

98. The distances between us may remain, but love will stay alive forever and ever.

99. Your beautiful smile gives me so strength that I can face anything in the world.

100. When I hug you, it gives me special warmth which nothing can replace.

101. Every kiss of yours is so beautiful that it makes me want you even more.


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