33 Best Friend Tag Questions To Ask Each Other

It was so dark that I was just about to trip, when a hand stretched out to me from the darkness. I held it so tight like I would never leave it. It was not just a hand for me, it was lifeline, and it will remain one for me till my last breath. And when on one day when I’ll be old, and probably I’ll be counting my last days, I’ll leave you with the best friendship ever.

so if you have one such friend and you would want to leave a list of questions, then you can check on these best friend tag questions.

33 Best Friend Tag Questions To Ask Each Other

Here are some best friend tag questions that you can ask to your best buddies

1. We happen to bounce into each other one fine day and we will cherish that moment throughout our lives. Do you remember about that moment which brought us together for life?

2. If one fine day you don’t find me anywhere and there is no sign of my presence in your life, would you go out and hunt me down from any corner of the world?

3. If ever you come close to someone else, would I still be that special friend for you?

4. If we get into the biggest fights and we are not able to find a way out, would you still hug me and say, “you are special”?

5. If ever you have problems with me, will you confront me or keep that to yourself?

6. If ever you find me not in a good mood, would you try your best to make me smile?

7. If this would have been the last day of us, being together, what would be that one thing you would like to do with me?

8. What would be that one movie which you could watch with me for infinite times?

9. If ever you find your lover, would I still be important to you?

10. If ever you find yourself stuck in any problem, would you call me your hero without a cape and call me for help?

11. What would be that one word which you could use to describe me?

12. If you find me in a problem, would you leave everything and come to help me?

13. If you find me one step higher than you, would you pull me down or help me to achieve more?

14. If I would be feeling low, would you remember all those jokes that we used to laugh on?

15. If I say that I need you, would we believe me and give your time to me?

16. What would be that one thing that you would want me to change?

17. Even if there is no reason to call me, would you still spend an hour talking to me over the phone?

18. What is that one quality in me which you admire the most?

19. If ever you get angry from me, would you accept my apology and still accept me as your friend?

20. If ever you find me stuck in the middle of the sea, would you sail with me and promise to be with me always?

21. If some day we may not share the same bond, would you still see my photographs and hold on to our sweet and sour memories?

22. If some day you need my advice and I am not near you, would you remember my words and miss me?

23. If ever, there are tears in my eyes, would you always be the one to wipe them off and be the reason for my smile?

24. There will be a time when we will meet after many years. Would you still not be able to look at me without smiling?

25. There may be a time when I would want to give up, would you be that driving force to make me try even more?

26. If you ever find me dying, would you find me that drug which will keep me from dying?

27. If I made a million mistakes and put your hopes down, would you still lift me up and whisper in my ears, your sweet words?

28. If I ever find the reality very hard, to face, would you hold my hand and help me hit it?

29. If someday I find the voices around me, too loud, would you help me to lower them?

30. If you ever wish to dance, would you dance with me and have the best of our time?

31. If I ever feel low, would you try to bring out the best of me?

32. If you find something troubling you, would you trust me share your deepest secrets?

33. If one day you don’t find me in your life anymore, would you miss me just like I will miss you?

No matter for how long you don’t see your best friend, no matter how many things you share with your best friend, there will always be a big difference between your friends and best friend. So no matter how much distance sets you both apart, deep in your hearts there will be something entangled.

If you liked these best friend tag questions and you think that they may reduce the distance between you and your best friend, then please let us know via comments.

till then keep falling in love.


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