55 Questions to Ask to the Person You Love

If some day you find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I will probably not sail the world to find you but I will jump in there to accompany you. If someday you find it hard to fall asleep, I’ll probably not run my fingers through your head to make you sleep but I will watch the same old ceiling with you.

So if one day you wish to answer my questions, I’ll probably not hunt down some random questions but I will have a long list of them. If you wish to ask some beautiful questions to the person you love, then you are at the right place.

Read on these cute questions to ask the person you love:-


1. If you ever find lots of flaws in me, would you still accept me and love me as who I am?

2. What are the qualities in me which made you fall for me?

3. What will be that one thing which you would want to give me?

4. What will be that one thing which you would want to say to me if we have just a few seconds left together?

5. If ever we have lots of problems and we find hard to bring that love again, would you still love me like never before?

6. What would be that one thing which you would want to change in me?

7. If one day you realize that you deserve much better than me, would you still want me?

8. If I would be missing you, would you hold me and love me forever and ever?

9. If I do anything wrong to you, would you always keep that grudge or forgive me?

10. Which is that one movie which you can watch again and again with me?

11. Who do you see as an idol for you?

12. If you get a chance to date another person, what would you want in that person?

13. If I get really sad, would you always please me and cheer me up?

14. If you write a love letter to me, what would we the first words, you will start the letter with?

15. If you find me sailing in the middle of the sea, with no way out, would you want to accompany me?

16. Which is that color which you would prefer above others?

17. What would be that one thing which you would buy for me?

18. What is that one thing that makes you weak or brings you down?

19. Do you ever break promises?

20. If one day, I would want to have fun, would you be with me in it?

21. Which is that one song that can make you dance anytime?

22. Which is that quality in me which makes you get really mad at me?

23. Which is that one song which makes you think about me?

24. Do you still remember the place where we first met?

25. Would you prefer a day with me or with your friends?

26. If ever you would have to choose between me and your best friend, whom would you choose?

27. Which is that country that you would want to live forever?

28. Would you prefer a day out or a night out?

29. What is that one thing that could scare you?

30. What is your biggest goal in life?

31. If ever I am feeling low, how would you bring a smile to my face?

32. Which is that dish that you love to eat?u7

33. If you find me crying, would you wipe my tears and hug me?

34. Which is the most noteworthy moment of your life which you would cherish throughout your life?

35. What is that one quality of yours that makes you feel proud of yourself?

36. What is that one secret that you have hidden deep in your heart?

37. What would you prefer, a kiss or a hug?

38. Would you like to go on a long drive with me or prefer a walk with me?

39. What is that one thing that you regret?

40. Which is your sweetest memory that you have created with me?

41. If one day you are not able to find me anywhere, would you hunt me down?

42. What is that one wish that you make every time you see a shooting star?

43. If you get a chance to be like somebody, who would it be?

44. What is that one thing which attracts you in somebody?

45. What will be that one thing that you think can make your parents proud?

46. What nickname would you like to give me?

47. Would you wait for my call when I would be busy?

48. After many years down the lane, would you still say you love me like you do now?

49. If one day, I would have lost myself somewhere, would you try to bring out the best of me?

50. If you would find somebody who needs you, how will you comfort that person?

51. Many years down the lane when we will be old, will you still love me the way you do now?

52. What is that one thing that I can do to cheer you up whenever you are upset?

53. Would you ever leave me, knowing that I cannot live without you?

54. Do you believe in destiny or you believe in what one make of one’s life?

55. How much can you love me?


We may not unfold the deepest secrets of a heart but we can reach its depth. We may not settle on the moon but we can reach it and come back. We may not have rain always but we can dance together whenever it rains. We may not answer all these questions but we will feel beautiful after sharing sweet words.

If you liked these questions to ask from the person you love, then please share your thoughts via comments.


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